Your life stories... captured... forever.

Kemento is a way to store your memories, for yourself, your partner and your family. Store more than just a photo or video, include when, where and who you were with.

Safe, secure and private with no adverts.

Secure every moment you love with friends and family.
Never lose a moment you wish you had protected.
Kemento secures and protects your precious memories.

Multiple timelines

You, your partner, your children, your parents, your houses, your pets, your cars. However you want to divide it up, you have complete control.

Unlimited memories

Store anything and everything, from celebrations, holidays, birth to first moments, day trips, house moves, anniversaries, even career highlights.

Entirely private

No profiles, likes or comments, and strictly no advertising. Choose to share a moment or timeline with family or friends, or keep it entirely private.

Available everywhere

On your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
Always on, always available, always backed up.

Categorise, filter, search

Separate your life into as many timelines as you want, and categorise every memory how you like.

Privately share with anyone and choose to accept (or decline) anything shared with you onto your own timelines.

Import social media

Backup your social media posts with our simple, three step process.

Copy across all your posts, photos and videos from Facebook and Instagram. Add them to your timelines, categorise them and share them privately. Filter and search easily.

Privacy and security

Your data held privately is at the absolute core of our offering.

There are no profiles, likes or comments, and strictly no advertising or third-party access to your data unless absolutely necessary.

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